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That North Fork vibe

Recently we were quoted in an article for about a Southold, Long Island home that epitomizes the North Fork’s aesthetic: a blend of coastal and farmhouse/country with a rustically elegant lived-in vibe that never goes out of style.

Long Island’s upper fork is already well-known for its farms, vineyards and restaurants. Now, people are buzzing about its design aesthetic.

“The North Fork is characterized by its maritime and agricultural roots, making it an eclectic mix of casual and coastal style,” said Caitlin Flynn, co-owner of North Fork Design Company.

According to NFDC co-owner Elyse Parkhurst, the area’s design philosophy encompasses “timeless furniture” with simple lines and accents of reclaimed wood, industrial elements and nautical-inspired pieces.

“We utilize relaxed fabrics, light and breezy colors and natural stone and sea grass rugs, along with rustic wood and textural elements,” Parkhurst said.

-Article: This Southold Farmhouse has North Fork Style,


Put simply, North Fork style feels like home. There are no hard and fast rules–in fact, we think it’s more of a feeling than a style–like when you slip into your favorite pair of jeans, or see an old friend and pick right back up where you left off years before. It’s a mixing of authentic materials that nod to the area’s agricultural history, rustic beaches, and faded beauty – a light layering of relaxed fabrics, breezy colors, stones and fibers, jute rugs, and found objects.


The feeling of the North Fork is almost indescribable… just like the feeling of home.


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