North Fork utility: a DIY clothing rack for an unusual nook

One of the things we love about the North Fork design vibe is its candid embrace of utility. Objects are selected with–and for–a purpose. They have jobs to do. And when an object does its job simply and effectively? It’s a beautiful thing!

Recently we were presented with a design challenge: an unusual little nook in an old home that needed a job to do. A quick brainstorming session, a trip to the hardware store, and an afternoon spent tinkering was about all it took to fashion a utilitarian custom clothing rack from rustic plank boards, rolling casters, and plain metal plumbing supplies. The rack’s design echoes the nook’s delightfully odd shape: working with it rather than against it.

Now the owner uses the rack it to line up a week’s worth of outfits and shoes. There’s something meditative about selecting what you’ll wear to face the world in the coming week: honoring those pieces by getting them out of the depths of your closet and placing them somewhere you can see and enjoy them.

It’s a purposeful object that gives a nook a job… and looks good doing it!

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