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Express Yourshelf

Shelves and bookcases make for a great place to display personal interests and an insight to the homeowner’s character.  Give your shelves, bookcases, and built-ins new life by using these 10 tips to create an aesthetically interesting part of your home.

  1. Add personalization. Any family photos, personal trinkets and collections, or memorabilia will instantly add personality and character to your home. Put things on display that matter most to you!
  2. Try thinking outside the box or stepping outside of your comfort zone; add quirky little touches to make it uniquely yours.
  3. Greenery is always good. Find small succulents (faux or real!) or draping, viney greens to place on your shelves. Any type of greenery will add both visual and textural interest!


  1. Don’t be afraid to add and mix colors! Bookcases and shelves are one of the few spaces where you can have a variety of colors and patterns happening and it still makes sense. They are for displaying an eclectic mix of items and do not necessarily all have to match.91ba4f_a248f89ffb1c4b98bf530641aefb1d6b
  2. Create a balance of layers by organizing your shelf items by size and heights, colors, and textures. You don’t want things in the back to be overshadowed by other things! Everything should look like it has a purpose or a place.
  3. Try something different or unconventional, for example using the frame of the shelving or bookcases to hang an art piece, favorite photo, or cool mirror. This adds another layer of depth and visual interest, too.
  4. Don’t overcrowd or stuff the shelves. It should serve as a display system, not a catch-all for things just because you don’t know what to do with them. We like using a lot of fun accessories, but know when to stop! 
    (See the rest of this project here!)
  5. Treat each shelf, cube, or cubby like its own space or canvas; all as individual pieces of a greater whole. (p.s. sometimes it’s ok to leave just one thing on its own to create more of an impact or focus on something that’s more important to you, or something that deserves to be individually showcased!)91ba4f_03980d1b0d894cd5b31b83b5b841cd59
  6. Contrast the color of books and accessories with the background of the shelving-whether it’s the wall paint or if you decide to paint or wallpaper the backdrop of the shelves, you want to make sure your things don’t just blend in; make them pop!
  7. Create an aesthetically pleasing visual display that parallels the vibe of the rest of your home.


Things to add to your shelves:

  • Books (obviously). Switch it up though! Find books that interest you, books with cool covers, different vintage books. Also, consider switching up ways of stacking. Did you know that there are at least 7 ways to stack books? Check them out here.
  • bookends
  • Vases
  • Candles and candle holders
  • Ceramics
  • Trinkets
  • Collections
  • Sculptures and statues
  • Plants and succulents
  • Personal photos
  • Crystals
  • Interesting mirrors
  • Cultural pieces or things from travels
  • Small framed art pieces
  • Baskets and bowls
  • Shells and rocks
  • Decorative boxes (see Thinking Outside the Box for some of our favorites!) 
    **Other titles we considered for this post, making it a very difficult decision: Shelf Awareness, Believe in Yourshelf, Self on the Shelf (happy holidays!) and Do it Yourshelf  🙂 
    All photos shown represent original work by North Fork Design Co. 

Setting the Table

We’re quickly approaching the most wonderful time of the year and Thanksgiving is upon us! Whether you’re hosting the whole family or just a few close friends, we wanted to share a tablescape we put together last year to inspire you to be the hostess with the mostest!

We’re still loving this color palette BTW! 


The end result.. Check out the feature along with other ideas here!



Get the look!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Thinking Outside the Box

Decorative boxes are a great way to style or accessorize a room, and add storage at the same time. Small or large, place them on shelves and coffee tables to add an element of interest and organization by tucking away smaller things that may not have a definite home. Check out the top 12 boxes that rock our socks! 



Crystal White Adornment Box sold from Bliss Home and Design.



Agate Lacquered Box sold from Wayfair.



Global Views DwellStudio Matte White Medium Braque Storage Box sold from Bellacor.



Arteriors Jagger Rectangular Box sold from Bliss Home and Design.



Safavieh Couture Nova Box sold from All Modern.



Eduardo Garza Crystal Box sold from West Elm.



Faux Shagreen Box in Indigo sold from West Elm.



Marble Box with Agate Stone sold from Wayfair.



Reese Storage Box sold from Joss & Main.



Mod Fabric Box sold from West Elm.



Cole and Grey 2 Piece Wood and Leather Hide Box Set sold from All Modern.



Essentials Marine Blue Bone Boxes sold from High Fashion Home.

(Check out these installed in one of our projects in a fun Wyndham, NH Living Room!)



Shades of Gray: Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2017

Is it gray? Is it purple?

Benjamin Moore recently released it’s dark and mysterious color of the year for 2017; appropriately named “Shadow.”


It’s an intriguing blend of gray and  deep amethyst, referred to as “dripping in drama” by Architectural Digest. This is a shocking and contrasting choice compared to last year’s “Simply White.”

Depending on the time of day and the way the light hits this enigmatic hue, it can be interpreted very differently; living up to it’s name.


Original photo source here.

Shadow creates an interesting balance between past and contemporary, invoking thought as to the story and reason behind it.


Original photo source here.

Who knew such a bold and daring color could create an appropriate backdrop for both traditional and modern settings?

How it’s chosen: 

Believe it or not, there is a group of people called the Color Marketing Group who uses extensive research based on design trends and predictions, as well as current events and happenings as major influences on colors that they think will  characterize and define the year to come. Politics, pop culture, sports, technology, and social issues are often the most influential predictors and indicators as to what color will be chosen. This year was intense in the sense that it was constantly full of drama that people were feeding off of (the most glaring and obvious of which coming from the current presidential election). Therefore, a dramatic statement had to be made with this color choice in order to match the vibe of the year, and remain powerful enough to carry over into the year to come.

Our personal thoughts: 

  • rich and luxurious
  • should be used sparingly to create dramatic impact/lasting impression
  • cover the walls of a small room to create a dramatic effect of warmth and intimacy
  • reflects the rich tones of purple agate crystals (p.s. we are HUGE fans of agate♥)
  • it’s an interesting pop of color while still feeling natural and organic
  • enchanting and memorable
  • bold and passionate

Other ways to incorporate it: 

We get it. It’s bold, it’s dark. If you aren’t ready to roll this rich amethyst all over your walls just yet, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate it into your home more subtly.

Abstract art pieces


“Violet Haze” 40″x 60″ sold from shop here.


“Midnight Amethyst 3” sold from shop here.


Purple Pectin Framed Shells sold from Bliss Home and Design shop here.



Robert Abbey Jasmine Amethyst Ceramic Table Lamp, Sold from Euro Style Lighting shop here.


Ateriors Jamal Lamp sold from Bliss Home and Design shop here.



Decorative Bottle by Bungalow Rose, Sold from shop here.


(Seriously, we love our crystals!)
Amethyst Gem Cluster Accessories, Sold from shop here.

Throw Blankets


Who wouldn’t want to cozy up under this?
ZGallerie Oslo Throw shop here.


Lima Alpaca Wisteria Purple Throw Blanket shop here.


Cynthia Rowley Ombre Waves of Purple Throw shop here.



Custom throw pillow set from shop here.


Mongolian pillow 22″ sold from shop here.



Serenade SRD-2006 sold from Surya shop here.


Elton Collection EO-03 Pewter/Purple sold from Loloi shop here.

Whether you love it or hate it; whether you see it as gray, or purple, (or both!) this is the color to look for in 2017. Designers and clients alike will be inspired to incorporate this bold, dark, and daring color into their homes for the coming year.