Shades of Gray: Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2017

Is it gray? Is it purple?

Benjamin Moore recently released it’s dark and mysterious color of the year for 2017; appropriately named “Shadow.”


It’s an intriguing blend of gray and  deep amethyst, referred to as “dripping in drama” by Architectural Digest. This is a shocking and contrasting choice compared to last year’s “Simply White.”

Depending on the time of day and the way the light hits this enigmatic hue, it can be interpreted very differently; living up to it’s name.


Original photo source here.

Shadow creates an interesting balance between past and contemporary, invoking thought as to the story and reason behind it.


Original photo source here.

Who knew such a bold and daring color could create an appropriate backdrop for both traditional and modern settings?

How it’s chosen: 

Believe it or not, there is a group of people called the Color Marketing Group who uses extensive research based on design trends and predictions, as well as current events and happenings as major influences on colors that they think will  characterize and define the year to come. Politics, pop culture, sports, technology, and social issues are often the most influential predictors and indicators as to what color will be chosen. This year was intense in the sense that it was constantly full of drama that people were feeding off of (the most glaring and obvious of which coming from the current presidential election). Therefore, a dramatic statement had to be made with this color choice in order to match the vibe of the year, and remain powerful enough to carry over into the year to come.

Our personal thoughts: 

  • rich and luxurious
  • should be used sparingly to create dramatic impact/lasting impression
  • cover the walls of a small room to create a dramatic effect of warmth and intimacy
  • reflects the rich tones of purple agate crystals (p.s. we are HUGE fans of agate♥)
  • it’s an interesting pop of color while still feeling natural and organic
  • enchanting and memorable
  • bold and passionate

Other ways to incorporate it: 

We get it. It’s bold, it’s dark. If you aren’t ready to roll this rich amethyst all over your walls just yet, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate it into your home more subtly.

Abstract art pieces


“Violet Haze” 40″x 60″ sold from shop here.


“Midnight Amethyst 3” sold from shop here.


Purple Pectin Framed Shells sold from Bliss Home and Design shop here.



Robert Abbey Jasmine Amethyst Ceramic Table Lamp, Sold from Euro Style Lighting shop here.


Ateriors Jamal Lamp sold from Bliss Home and Design shop here.



Decorative Bottle by Bungalow Rose, Sold from shop here.


(Seriously, we love our crystals!)
Amethyst Gem Cluster Accessories, Sold from shop here.

Throw Blankets


Who wouldn’t want to cozy up under this?
ZGallerie Oslo Throw shop here.


Lima Alpaca Wisteria Purple Throw Blanket shop here.


Cynthia Rowley Ombre Waves of Purple Throw shop here.



Custom throw pillow set from shop here.


Mongolian pillow 22″ sold from shop here.



Serenade SRD-2006 sold from Surya shop here.


Elton Collection EO-03 Pewter/Purple sold from Loloi shop here.

Whether you love it or hate it; whether you see it as gray, or purple, (or both!) this is the color to look for in 2017. Designers and clients alike will be inspired to incorporate this bold, dark, and daring color into their homes for the coming year.

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