Hosting Houseguests: 5 small things to make your guest room feel like home for the holidays!


1. In the bathroom they’ll be using, leave a basket with any toiletries they might have forgotten

Set out a pretty tray filled with a selection of bath/beauty samples you never got around to trying or ones that you’ve ‘collected’ from hotel stays, along with a pretty tea towel. Chances are your guest will bring his/her own toiletries and won’t need to use them, but seeing that they have the option makes people feel well taken care of. Thoughtful choices include:

  • Shampoo/conditioner/body wash
  • A new toothbrush, travel size toothpaste
  • Small perfume samples
  • Some single-use packets of medication–Advil, etc.–for those holiday overindulgences!


You can go pick up these Glass Canisters at Crate & Barrel – pretty & functional!

2. Leave a basket or tray at the end of the bed filled with anything else they might need

Show them the basket when you get them settled and tell them to help themselves to anything inside. Thoughtful ideas include:

  • A granola bar and something made of chocolate for midnight snacking
  • A rolled up extra cozy blanket
  • A selection of book/magazines
  • Candles

Guest Bedroom Tray .png

3. Set out fresh flowers or holiday greenery

Take a few moments before your guests arrive to arrange holiday greenery – Typically, a guest room doesn’t get much use – setting out a simple floral arrangement can bring life to any room.  You can set them out neatly on the bedside table or hang a holiday wreath on the door or bed frame! Our favorite holiday greens right now are pine (obviously), boxwood, and magnolia!

Arranging holiday greenery is easier than it looks! You can get everything at your local garden center & just have fun with it !

4. Point out a few open power outlets and leave the wireless password where they can see it

  • Your guest will want to charge their phone by the bed so he/she can use it as an alarm clock, so point out an open outlet or two.
  • Write out your homes wireless network name/password (or print it) and put it in a tiny frame on the guest room’s bedside table.

Wifi Printable .png

You can get this printable from Etsy at Tumbalina Studio.

5. Carafe

Carafe’s can be multipurpose – water, wine, mouthwash, etc! We love this Cora Carafe for water on the bedside table. It’s a nice touch rather than a plastic water bottle (and more sustainable!)


Happy Hosting! 

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