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Go Fish!

We know summer’s come and gone (much too quickly) but we’re still thinking about mermaids, ocean waves, scallops and fish scales! No, we aren’t taking a trip to the beach; we’re talking about fish scales as the unique pattern they create when used as a tile, on a wallcovering, fabric, or the like.

Fish scales are a trend we’ve seen–and love!– in a variety of applications such as walls, floors, backsplashes, showers & bathrooms, and even on the front of some furniture.


We loved the detail on this piece in the Studio534 Showroom at the Boston Design Center!


We loved the detail on this piece in the Studio534 Showroom at the Boston Design Center!

This fun and pretty trend was inspired by Moroccan tile and can be done in many different shapes, sizes, textures, and materials. The clean, geometric pattern is easy to accommodate a variety of different looks and surfaces, depending on your own design style.

If you aren’t quite ready to dive all the way into this trend, dip your toes in the water by adding small touches of it here and there; for example by adding a small-scale (ha) pattern to a fabric for a throw pillow on a sofa, such as these ones from Etsy.



Or maybe, try something a little more abstract and subtle such as this “Fish Scales” wallpaper by Brett Designs; perhaps in a powder room or lining the backs of a bookcase.

But maybe you are ready to take the plunge! As a backsplash in a kitchen, this trend creates visual interest that goes far beyond a traditional subway tile.

As a bathroom floor, it adds depth and texture (and looks super cool!)

And as a wallpaper (this one is self-adhesive!) on an accent wall, we just love it.

The fish scale shape is a tessellation, meaning that the shape can be flipped and twisted around amongst itself  to create a repeated pattern and cover a surface leaving no gaps. That being said, it can be switched up a bit with a different pattern, using the exact same shape. Your daily geometry lesson brought to you by NFDCo 🙂

We love this trend and there’s so much that can be done to incorporate it into a home. Fill walls or use it as an accent; go bold or subtle, clean & geometric or abstract & subtle; a fun and versatile trend that is sure to please!

A few other items we love:

This Made Goods cocktail table/stool which can be found here,


This awesome fabric by Harlequin…

harlequin fabric

And this fun sideboard from Manzel.

manzel sideboard

Happy fishing!