We’re Office-ial!

We’re not sure where the time has gone but it’s officially been just over a year since we made the transition into our (not so new anymore) office space in Beverly! In the first year we couldn’t seem to figure out how make the best use of the space and were already worried about outgrowing it too soon. We finally took some time to work out a new layout and one year later, it’s like we have a new office all over again! Our office feels more spacious, efficient and effective all thanks to some minor changes we made to what we were already working with.



As designers with multiple projects going on concurrently, organization is key to a successful work space. We have reworked our fabrics and materials inventory to be purposeful and easy to source items as needed. We ordered six of these fun colored filing cabinets from CB2 which also help to keep us more organized than ever!

A few of our organization tips/what we have found to be helpful:

  • Keep only the essentials. We had a lot of things that we ended up getting rid of because we just weren’t using them. It’s good to de-clutter!
  • Give everything a place or a purpose. Avoid throwing things into a pile of randomness–that’s how things get lost and misplaced!
  • Label things! It’s much easier to find and use things when you know exactly where they are. For example, every bin in our fabric and tile library is labeled with what’s inside
  • Dedicate time each week to tidy up and get everything in order. It’s easy for clutter to start to pile up on itself and important to tackle it before it does.
  • Invest in some furniture pieces, desk trays, filing cabinets, and any other means of organization to help promote a clutter-free space
  • Embrace the idea of “organized chaos.” Lots going on is a good thing as long as everything has a place and you know exactly where to find it!




Our office is on the smaller side so utilizing and maximizing storage space became necessary. We found that we needed to make the most of our storage shelves–all of which we already had!–in order to make the office work for us.  We shifted them around and paired down on what we really needed and what we really didn’t need in the office in order to fill the storage cubes effectively.




With extra-high ceilings and a lot of extra wall space, we decided to go vertical and cover the walls with large corkboards. These allow us to hang materials and see everything that’s going on with our projects at a glance. We can also pin up inspiration for things we like and may want to incorporate into upcoming projects. It’s so fun to be able to see everything all at once, and adds an extra layer of visual interest in our office!



We increased our surface area with this piece from CB2 to go over our filing cabinets as well as this table from amazon. Though we downsized our collaborative table from what we originally had, it still serves as a space where we can sit and lay things out with clients, or have meetings with reps. Better utilizing our storage shelves also helped to free up some surface space as well. We’re liking the idea that the office is ‘small but mighty’ as it serves the purpose we need and packs a punch when it comes to us effectively getting our work done. Since making some changes our office feels bigger, brighter, and more open and we’re really happy with the outcome!

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