Curated Kitchens: 7 Styling Tips to Cure the Winter Blues

If the dreary winter days have you going a little stir-crazy, you’re not alone! Spending lots of time indoors might have you thinking about wanting to change things up in your home or spruce up and refresh a room you may have gotten all too used to. We’ve been loving working on a handful of different kitchen remodels; from beginning plans to styling the final product. Here are 7 tips to help breathe new life into your own kitchen without having to worry about a complete renovation!

1.  Cookbooks. Rotate out some of your cookbooks to reflect the season or refresh your collection entirely. New cookbooks on your shelves will help to keep you inspired year-round! Choose a few of your favorites to keep on display–our fave is The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams.


2. Cutting Boards. Add fun cutting boards to your counter tops to create new layers of texture and help refresh your kitchen. Try out different combinations of marble, brass, and wooden cutting boards–serves as decor but also has a functional purpose!

A few we like are the Olive Wood Rustic Cutting Boards  and the Sheesham and Marble Cutting Board Paddle  from West Elm.

olive wood


3. Potted indoor herbs. When you can’t garden outside, bring it inside! Grow herbs like rosemary, parsley, dill, mint leaves and basil to keep your kitchen smelling fresher than ever.

4. Fresh flowers. Speaking of bringing the garden inside, flowers help to lessen the winter blues by adding a springy punch of color. Check out these kitchens that we recently styled with tulips and roses!


Stay tuned, full reveal for this project to come soon!


(You can check out the rest of this project here!)

5. Organize. What better way to refresh your kitchen than to de-clutter and try new ways of storing things? We love the idea of jarring your most used ingredients! Try creating space in your pantry by bringing out items like pasta, nuts, rice, grains, and oats to put on display. Smaller jars also serve as a much better alternative to those plastic, red-capped spices hiding away in your cabinets!


6. Make it pretty. Pare down on your dishes, cookware, and utensils to create a more uniform look. Start a fresh set that matches and get rid of or donate the old random, mismatched set.

7. Fruit bowls. Similar to flowers, a bowl full of brightly colored fruit placed on your counter top can help to alleviate the winter drearies. Displays of oranges, lemons, and pears in cute vessels will surely help to refresh  your kitchen and have you thinking summertime thoughts!


And of course, that watermelon too!

Try some of these tips to help refresh and revitalize your kitchen, and to help you make it through the rest of the winter!

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