Pick of the Week: Klaylife Frill Chandelier

What we’re loving most this week is the Frill Chandelier from Klaylife! Klaylife is a company that prides itself on handcrafted beaded clay jewelry and lighting made by women in South Africa. Klaylife focuses on African heritage and craftsmanship to create each of their uniquely gorgeous pieces.

We used the Frill Chandelier in our recently photographed South End Reno Project and could not be more thrilled with how perfectly it complements this home and the family that lives there. It is one of several pieces in this home that nods to the family’s passion for traveling as well as their eclectic & adventurous style.



We love the attention to detail and craftsmanship that is so visibly evident in each individual hand-rolled bead–making for a beautiful chandelier that serves as the perfect entryway chandelier in this Boston condo.

Here are a few other interiors where Klaylife chandeliers create a unique focal point and make a statement in a space as well.

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