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White Walls: Our Top Picks for Whites & Why We Love Them

There is a common misconception that all-white walls in a home come across as bland, bare, and boring; however we’re big fans of white walls and here’s why. White serves as the most versatile backdrop and allows for what’s in the room to stand out on its own–the same reason most walls in museums are usually painted white! White or subtle neutral walls enables the other colors and textures to blend together and create depth and interest on their own, without having to compete with vast wall space trying to do the same. Don’t get us wrong–we love a good bold pop of color or a fun patterned wall (see our recent feature in the Boston Globe), but we love the way white walls clean up, brighten, and freshen any space. Note: we used Vanilla Milkshake throughout our South End Reno Project. 

For what is perceived as a simple color–or absence of color, technically speaking–finding the right white can actually be a very complicated task. With so many shades to choose from, (Benjamin Moore has around 150!!) it is difficult to find the perfect white with the correct undertones to properly correspond with the targeted aesthetic of the space. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite go-to whites to help make your selection easier!

Chantilly Lace OC-65chantilly laceChantilly Lace is said to be one of Benjamin Moore’s truest, purest, brightest whites. Delicate and refined, clean and crisp–Chantilly Lace is sure to please on walls and trim.

White Dove OC-17white doveWhite Dove has a subtle gray undertone, creating a neutral colored off white that still feels warm but with less yellow than some of its creamier Dove counterparts. Benjamin Moore describes this popular white as softly shaded, light, and luminous.

Pure White OC-64pure whiteThis one is actually a little confusing because contrary to its name, its among the cooler of the whites Benjamin Moore has to offer, containing the most blue undertones–but we love it nonetheless! It is crisp and vivid yet still soft enough for tranquil and serene environments. Pairs well as trim with lighter blues and grays.

Simply White OC-117simply white 2

We were thrilled when Simply White was announced as Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2016! It combines both brightness and warmth, creating an inviting atmosphere without being too warm or too sterile. It is vivid, fresh, and versatile enough to look equally beautiful on a variety of interior surfaces.

Vanilla Milkshake 2141-70vanilla milkshake.jpg

Vanilla Milkshake is another bright white with warm gray undertones that doesn’t go too yellow or too green. But, as the name suggests, it does lean a tad on the warmer side than a cleanly crisp white!

vanilla milkshake 2

Cotton Balls OC-122cotton balls

Cotton Balls has a pale yellow undertone–so subtle that it can really only be noticed when placed directly next to a true stark white or whites with more blue undertones, as Cotton Balls itself is said to have virtually no gray, keeping a space bright and fresh on walls and trims alike!

These are our (and a handful of other designer’s) top choice, go-to picks for the perfect white, depending on what each individual space calls for. Of course, there’s tons more to choose from but if you’re thinking a re-vamp with fresh white walls just in time for spring–or any time–be sure to check out some of our faves!