On Trend: High Point Market Recap

It’s been just over a month since we got back from our first High Point Market experience and we wanted to share our thoughts and a recap on some of the things we saw and loved! High Point was an exciting, eye-opening, eventful, learning experience for our company and we’re so glad that we finally got the opportunity to attend.  Of course, Market is all about seeing new (and old!) products as well as highlighting the upcoming trends in the design world–here are some of the trends we noticed ourselves!

Natural and woven materials. We noticed a plethora of rattans, sea grass, woven water hyacinth, woods, beads, shells, jute and other natural fibers in everything from furniture and light fixtures to rugs and pillows. We love this trend because it adds textural elements and depth to a space in a fun & organic way.

Emphasis on the Game Room. Many showrooms highlighted awesome pieces that would make for a standout game room. Often, people think of a game room as an afterthought that gets stuck in the basement, but we loved seeing unique ping pong tables, shuffleboards and foosball tables that were made to spark conversation. (We especially loved this because we’re just wrapping up a fun game room at one of our projects, and our wheels are always turning for our next restaurant or bar project–any takers?!)


Animal artwork and photography. We love seeing animals as the subject of choice for artwork–whether it’s a fun abstracted painting or a stunning black and white portrait. We were thrilled to discover a few new great options for sourcing artwork, all of which had lots of beautiful animal artwork to choose from!


Lucite accents. Lucite adds a modern twist and a touch of glam to any space, yet is versatile enough to complement a variety of different design styles. We were thrilled to see lucite on furniture pieces, mirrors, light fixtures, and hardware all throughout market.


Color trend: Dark hunter & olive greens. Dark greens were definitely a trend as upholstery for furniture as well as on pillows and rugs and even in a lot of artwork. We were inspired by dark green upholstered accent chairs so much so that we just used them in one of our recent designs!


Relaxed & vintage looking fabrics and wall coverings. We saw a lot of vintage looking fabrics, relaxed linens, vintage rugs, and globally inspired textiles and materials used traditionally as upholstery and pillows–but we really loved seeing these materials framed as unique art pieces!


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