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Friday Inspiration: 11 Holiday Wrapping Ideas

If you’ve already wrapped all of your Christmas presents, you’re a rock star because you’re way ahead of us. (I still have to finish the shopping part!) But if you haven’t here’s a list of a few of our favorite cute and creative wrapping ideas to inspire you to take your wrapping game to the next level.  A friendly reminder that Christmas Eve is only 10 days away–(I know, we’re still shocked too) lets get those presents wrapped!!

1. Chalkboard Paper. We love this idea because it’s a super fun and easy way to immediately personalize the gift, whether it’s with Christmas doodles or with the receiver’s name!

2. Nautical Charts. Perfect for the boater in your life and absolutely adorable! Bonus points for making it location-specific to an area that means a lot to the receiver.

3. Potato Stamps. A cute and easy way to decorate your own paper with your own favorite design!

4. Marbleized Paper. A unique nod to the inside of older books, marbleized paper brings an abstract texture that differs from typical printed Christmas paper patterns.

5. Brown paper. Classically simple, easy to write on and personalize, and looks adorable with natural twine and sprigs of greenery. Easy to decorate and make your own!

6. Plaids. A traditional Christmas pattern that we just love.

7. Newspaper or Books. An eco-friendly and cheap way to make your gifts look adorable when paired with greenery or a simple ribbon.

8. Sheet Music. We hadn’t seen this before and thought it was such a cute idea–perfect for the music lover in your life!

9. Burlap. Cute and simple (though may be tough to get to cooperate!) and works well to wrap up those gifts that may be of more of an irregular shape.

10. Adding Greenery. Such a simple way to step up your wrapping. Whether it’s tied into the bow or affixed to the package, your gifts become that much more festive with a simple sprig!

11. Bows, Ribbons, Tags & Add-ons. The finishing touches really make the wrapping! However you garnish your gifts will make the wrapping as special as what’s actually inside.

Happy wrapping! 🙂

#ProjectProgress: Boxford Project

Things are coming together at our #BoxfordProject and we wanted to share some of the process (and progress!) of what’s going on there. While we’re still waiting on bits and pieces for other areas of the home, the bathrooms are making very exciting progress! Tile is being installed, hardware has been installed, and  light & plumbing fixtures are in. Here are some of our boards with perspectives and plans from our model along with some photos of how these bathrooms are looking so far–we can’t wait to share these upon completion!

Master Bath

master bath 1master bath 3









Guest Bath

guest 1guest 3guest 2guest 3guest 4





Kid’s Bath

kids 1kids-2-e1544651344539.jpgkids 3






Powder Room

(Wallpaper install & new mirror still to come in here!)

powder 1







Friday Inspiration: Marblehead Reno

We’re in the very beginning phases of a new project in Marblehead and we’ve been working on gathering inspiration to help us solidify our design direction. We’re excited about this bright & beachy project and wanted to share some of our favorite inspo images so far. We’re envisioning bright whites and cool blues, combined with a mix of natural materials and textures–we can’t wait to see this one come together!

..But the Fire(place) is so Delightful

The temperatures are quickly dropping and all we want to do is cozy up by the fireplace with a good book and a good cup of hot chocolate (’tis the season, right?!) We love when the fireplace is the focal point of a room & serves as a place for everyone to gather around during the holidays. Here are a few fireplaces that we’ve recently completed, along with some of our favorite fireplace design inspo!

This clean and modern fireplace was updated with Caesarstone Rugged Concrete and shiplap, and accented with a bone inlay mirror. Cement accessories on the mantel complement the cement-look surround.

pine neck 1

A more traditional fireplace with a white brick surround, custom mantel, and a basketweave mosaic tile hearth is simply styled for a classically cozy feel.

marblehead street 1

In our #SouthEndReno project, we incorporated a custom-designed terracotta tile to match the fun and playful vibe of this family home. (Check back here for more photos of this project.)

south end 1

A modern fireplace for a modern home. The black interior of this fireplace really stands out in the predominantly-white space and the Restoration Hardware Cloud sofa is the ideal spot to cozy up in on a blustery winter day.

aldrich lane 1

We added a custom reclaimed wood mantel to this rustic brick fireplace–it made for the perfect additional layer of warmth and texture that this space needed.

west neck 1

Here are a few other cozy fireplaces that we can’t get enough of. We’re obsessed with the idea of incorporating wood storage in the home as a design feature!

Whether it’s a fun cement tile, a reclaimed wood mantel, the way it’s styled, or the way the wood is stored, fireplaces make a big impact on your home. Get cozy and make the best of your fireside days this winter!

Friday Inspiration: Getting Festive!

Last night we attended an amazing wreath making event that was graciously put on by an awesome local business called Lumiere Lauren. We learned the process of making a wreath and found out for ourselves just how much work actually goes into all those beautiful wreaths you buy to hang on your own door. It sure helped us kick start our holiday spirit and we wanted to share what we learned about the process, photos of the wreaths we made, and some inspiration of other wreaths we love–in case we decide to make another OR to inspire you to make one of your own!

The Prep: 

We were provided with an empty wreath frame, a roll of wire, and wire cutters. (Wine and spiked hot chocolate count as prep too, right?!)

The Greens:

We were told that seven HUNDRED pounds of fresh cut greens were purchased for this event. We had no idea just how much each wreath required! We were given four different types of greens to use for our wreaths– White pine, balsam, variegated cedar, and cedar with white berries. This made the shop smell amazing–instant Christmas from the second we walked in!

47308256_256360875055677_1281783245179977728_n (1)

The Process: 

The wreath making process is MUCH more involved than we ever knew. To make a wreath from scratch, we started by anchoring the wire to the frame. Then, you cut and gather your choice of branches, hand wrapping every cluster with wire a few times around to secure it to the frame. This becomes a messy process once your branches are overlapping and you have to get down to the base of each branch to make sure it will stay. We’re still trying to wash all the pine pitch off our hands! Once all the branches were placed to our desired fullness, we then added berries, bows, pine cones, etc. to decorate the wreaths to our vision.

The Final Product: 

Like a snowflake, each wreath is a little different and carries its own unique character. Elyse made a gorgeous, beautifully full wreath with a burlap bow and Emily kept hers more simplistic with only a few holly berries and a pine cone. We love how they came out and were so happy to learn about the process. It’s always a great feeling to have something you made on display, so Elyse’s wreath now adorns our office door and Emily’s hangs happily in her home 🙂

Such a fun way to start feeling the Christmas feels! We highly recommend a wreath making class to those who have never done one before. There are endless combinations of greenery and decorative additions to create the wreath of your dreams. Here are a few more inspiration images of other wreaths we love!