Friday Inspiration: Getting Festive!

Last night we attended an amazing wreath making event that was graciously put on by an awesome local business called Lumiere Lauren. We learned the process of making a wreath and found out for ourselves just how much work actually goes into all those beautiful wreaths you buy to hang on your own door. It sure helped us kick start our holiday spirit and we wanted to share what we learned about the process, photos of the wreaths we made, and some inspiration of other wreaths we love–in case we decide to make another OR to inspire you to make one of your own!

The Prep: 

We were provided with an empty wreath frame, a roll of wire, and wire cutters. (Wine and spiked hot chocolate count as prep too, right?!)

The Greens:

We were told that seven HUNDRED pounds of fresh cut greens were purchased for this event. We had no idea just how much each wreath required! We were given four different types of greens to use for our wreaths– White pine, balsam, variegated cedar, and cedar with white berries. This made the shop smell amazing–instant Christmas from the second we walked in!

47308256_256360875055677_1281783245179977728_n (1)

The Process: 

The wreath making process is MUCH more involved than we ever knew. To make a wreath from scratch, we started by anchoring the wire to the frame. Then, you cut and gather your choice of branches, hand wrapping every cluster with wire a few times around to secure it to the frame. This becomes a messy process once your branches are overlapping and you have to get down to the base of each branch to make sure it will stay. We’re still trying to wash all the pine pitch off our hands! Once all the branches were placed to our desired fullness, we then added berries, bows, pine cones, etc. to decorate the wreaths to our vision.

The Final Product: 

Like a snowflake, each wreath is a little different and carries its own unique character. Elyse made a gorgeous, beautifully full wreath with a burlap bow and Emily kept hers more simplistic with only a few holly berries and a pine cone. We love how they came out and were so happy to learn about the process. It’s always a great feeling to have something you made on display, so Elyse’s wreath now adorns our office door and Emily’s hangs happily in her home 🙂

Such a fun way to start feeling the Christmas feels! We highly recommend a wreath making class to those who have never done one before. There are endless combinations of greenery and decorative additions to create the wreath of your dreams. Here are a few more inspiration images of other wreaths we love!


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