Friday Inspiration: 11 Holiday Wrapping Ideas

If you’ve already wrapped all of your Christmas presents, you’re a rock star because you’re way ahead of us. (I still have to finish the shopping part!) But if you haven’t here’s a list of a few of our favorite cute and creative wrapping ideas to inspire you to take your wrapping game to the next level.  A friendly reminder that Christmas Eve is only 10 days away–(I know, we’re still shocked too) lets get those presents wrapped!!

1. Chalkboard Paper. We love this idea because it’s a super fun and easy way to immediately personalize the gift, whether it’s with Christmas doodles or with the receiver’s name!

2. Nautical Charts. Perfect for the boater in your life and absolutely adorable! Bonus points for making it location-specific to an area that means a lot to the receiver.

3. Potato Stamps. A cute and easy way to decorate your own paper with your own favorite design!

4. Marbleized Paper. A unique nod to the inside of older books, marbleized paper brings an abstract texture that differs from typical printed Christmas paper patterns.

5. Brown paper. Classically simple, easy to write on and personalize, and looks adorable with natural twine and sprigs of greenery. Easy to decorate and make your own!

6. Plaids. A traditional Christmas pattern that we just love.

7. Newspaper or Books. An eco-friendly and cheap way to make your gifts look adorable when paired with greenery or a simple ribbon.

8. Sheet Music. We hadn’t seen this before and thought it was such a cute idea–perfect for the music lover in your life!

9. Burlap. Cute and simple (though may be tough to get to cooperate!) and works well to wrap up those gifts that may be of more of an irregular shape.

10. Adding Greenery. Such a simple way to step up your wrapping. Whether it’s tied into the bow or affixed to the package, your gifts become that much more festive with a simple sprig!

11. Bows, Ribbons, Tags & Add-ons. The finishing touches really make the wrapping! However you garnish your gifts will make the wrapping as special as what’s actually inside.

Happy wrapping! 🙂

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