Friday Inspiration: Our Favorite Local Restaurant Interiors!

If your New Year’s resolution was to eat out less, we’re sorry to tempt you. But if it wasn’t, we wanted to share some of our favorite local (Boston & Long Island) restaurant interiors to inspire you to go and check them out for yourself! A dining-out experience to us is much more than just the quality of the food and how the service was. The atmosphere that is created by the interior also has a major impact on our likeliness to go back again–whether it’s for a cocktail, a cup of coffee, or a full sit-down dinner with friends. These restaurants have it all–good food, good service and an awesome interior. (We’re always gathering inspiration for ideas for our next restaurant design!)

Ledger, Salem MA.

This old-bank-turned-restaurant used its roots to create the unique atmosphere of the interior.

Bancroft, Burlington MA.

Tartine, Beverly MA.

We were lucky enough to have this cute European-style cafe attached to our office before we moved! Tartine recently expanded their space to double the size and we can’t wait to go back and check in on the renovations!

Saltie Girl, Boston MA.

Turquoise fish-scale tile on the barfront, need we say more?!

Southern Proper, Boston MA.

American Beech, Greenport NY.

The perfect place for a summer cocktail!

Blackbird Doughnuts, Boston MA.

Because is there anything better than a doughnut shop with an adorable interior? We think not!

Honeycomb, Hamilton MA.

An eclectic farmhouse kitchen with delicious pastries, coffee, and sandwiches.

Reel House, Boston MA.

A cool nautical-themed interior inspired by classic luxury yachts!

Yvonne’s, Boston MA.

Yvonne’s inhabits the former location of the third oldest restaurant in Boston, Locke-Ober. Dark and moody Victorian vibes with killer cocktails. Be sure to order the large-format cocktails in a crystal chalice, to share or not to share 🙂

Bastille, Boston MA.

Steel & Rye, Milton MA.


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