Year in Review: 2018 Highlights

As we embark on the new year (and our 8th year in business!) we wanted to look back and reflect on some of the highlights from 2018. At the beginning of each year we discuss goals for our company and things we hope to accomplish in the year ahead. It’s always rewarding to look back on those goals and see what we achieved! 2018 was a busy and exciting year for us with lots going on; here are some of the goals that we accomplished along with some other exciting happenings!

1. New office! 

After a year and a half in our 350-square foot Beverly office, we relocated to an office 3 times the size in Marblehead last summer! We love our new office and now have so much more space for storage and work surfaces.

2. Photographing new projects. 

We were so excited to have a 3-day, 4-project photo shoot in the North Fork over the summer to be able to share some of our newest projects! (Photo credit to Kyle Caldwell Photography!)

3. New website. 

We put a lot of hard work into the reworking of our new website. This is something we do on our own, so it was a great feeling to finally publish the website with new content and a new layout!

4. Getting a logo & branding. 

We finally had a logo made for our company & are thrilled to have consistency across client presentations, branding, and even have tags made for any custom designed furniture we incorporate into our projects!

5. High Point Market. 

The three of us all took our first trip to Market this past fall as a team! It was such a great learning experience for us and we expanded our network of resources quite a bit. While there, we also got to take an in-depth tour of the factory where a lot of our custom furniture is made. It was so cool to learn the ins and outs of this process, and to be able to finally meet the people we’ve worked with exclusively online for the past few years!

6. Repeat clients 

It’s always a rewarding feeling to have clients come back for our help with another home or a different phase of their home. Last year we started working again with one of our very first clients, as well as with another repeat client who moved and wanted to work with us again!

7. Designing for local boutique commercial businesses. 

We were thrilled to help design two local businesses- North Fork Brewing Company and “The Hive.” (The Hive is not quite complete yet, almost there!) It’s always fun to step outside of our residential design routines to work on more hospitality-based projects!

North Fork Brewing Company (Photos & our original design)

The Hive (Not entirely complete yet but here’s a few progress shots as well as our original renderings and design board!)

8. Several publications. 

We were so grateful to be featured in a variety of publications over the past year, including Boston Globe Magazine, Boston Voyager, WWD, Elliman Insider, Downtown NYC, Zagat, North Fork Real Estate Showcase, and Urbandaddy.

9. Social media consistency. 

One of our goals for 2018 was to be more consistent with our social media posting. We hope to continue to expand our social following and have been so excited to get to a point of posting content on social media almost daily, as well as a new blog post once or twice a week! It’s important to us to keep our followers engaged and in the loop with what we’re up to.

10. Winning a local Best of the Best.

Dan’s Papers is a longstanding weekly lifestyle publication for the eastern end of Long Island. Each year readers vote to select their favorite businesses in a multitude of categories, and we were very excited to place gold for best interior design!

best of the best

We’re looking forward to the new year and can’t wait to work toward our new goals and see what’s in store for us!


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  1. I really appreciate your example of sharing your goals, progress and success over the year. As an owner of a small business you sometime lose sight of your accomplishments . So, big thanks to you !


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