Friday Inspiration: Get Cozy!

I heard we’re getting a biiig snow storm this weekend. To be honest, I’m kind of excited. I might regret saying that by Sunday evening, but it’s mid January and we haven’t seen a single snow storm yet here in the North Shore! If you’re anything like me, your plan for the weekend is to lock yourself away in the warmth of your home with a good book, a few good movies, and maybe some red wine or spiked hot chocolate 🙂 Props to anyone who has plans other than exactly that, honestly. I couldn’t help but to find inspiration in some seriously cozy spaces that would be ideal for watching the snow fly this weekend. Fluffy blankets, comfy couches, loads of pillows, and roaring fireplaces are on our minds as we enter this wintery weekend–here are a few of our favorites!

Yep, definitely would be staying in any of these beds for the next 72 hours straight. Imagine laying in these and just letting the snow pile up outside the window?! Yes please.

And for when you need a change of scenery from your bedroom to the living room, these should do the trick as well. Bundle up and stay warm this weekend!

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