#ProjectProgress: Sound Shore Project

We’ve said it before but summer homes really are made in the winter! When the temperatures are this cold, it’s tough to think that lounging around in a beautifully redone beach home is even possible as the bitter winter air stings your face. But, the reality is, in just a few short months the sun will be shining and that winter air is replaced with a warm ocean breeze. (Sounds nice, right?!)

That being said, we’ve been working away on our latest beach home, our #SoundShoreProject in Jamesport, NY. This is an adorable little cottage with private stairs right down to the beach, complete with a full outdoor bathroom and all. After the clients closed on this home this past fall, we got started right away with re-imagining their perfect beach space, set to be complete just in time for when those warmer months start to come back around.

Juxtaposed with an ultra-modern guest house actually set on the front half of the property, a long yard separates the two and it’s really interesting that they’re both part of the same property. Here’s some before photos and existing conditions of the original site. (Seriously, you can’t beat those views!)

We knew right away that we wanted to get a fresh coat of bright white paint all over the interior of this home asap–here’s some of our initial inspiration!

inspiration 1

inspiration 2inspiration 3

inspiration 4

(How cute is this concept for an outdoor beach bathroom?!)

Once the initial inspiration was approved by our clients, we started building out the model, sourcing furniture and materials, and pulling everything together. We’re so excited with how everything has been coming along! Here’s a few shots from our model mapping out how each space is going to look. Once spring and summer roll around, of course.

guest bedroom 1

Guest/Kids bedroom 1

living room perspective

Living/Dining Room

loft space guest bedroom

Guest/kids bedroom 2 (loft space!)

master bedroom perspective

Master bedroom

We’ve recently checked in to see how everything is going here. Updates are all coming along and we’re almost ready to start getting some furniture in! We’re so happy to see how much the new paint freshens and brightens up the space, creating the perfect backdrop for the bright and beachy vibes that we’re going for.

Speaking of the furniture, summer homes being made in the winter definitely poses a few (minor) issues for furniture delivery. We always try to streamline the process for our clients and get everything sent to an R&D company until all of the furniture is ready to be delivered. In this particular case, it has to be carried all the way across that lawn–whether it’s snowy, muddy, or perfectly dry grass (ha, yeah right.)

We can’t wait to see this home continue to come together over the next few months! Stay tuned for more progress and updates and the final reveal!

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