Things are Looking Up!

Look up! We’re talking about wallpapered ceilings–a trend that we’re looking to incorporate into a current project! Wallpaper on ceilings allows for an atypical point of interest in a place that the eye may not be immediately drawn to otherwise. Wallpapering a ceiling is a perfect way to add a layer of dimension in a room without completely overwhelming the space with a busy pattern or bold print, as wallpaper on the walls might. There are SO MANY cool wallpapers out there so whether you want just a hint of color or texture OR a more bold pattern to make a statement, there’s gotta be something that you can incorporate into your own space somewhere!

Wallpapering an entire ceiling in a huge room will definitely make a bold statement (not to mention a huge undertaking for your wallpaper installer!)

We love the appeal of wallpapered ceilings making a big punch in smaller spaces such as laundry rooms, powder rooms and hallways.

We also noticed that wallpapering the ceiling is a huge trend for nurseries and kid’s bedrooms! It gives them something to fun to look at and helps to ground them in their space. What kid wants to look up to a blank white ceiling, anyways?!

Wallpaper on ceilings can be as simple adding a pop of color, or as daring as a bold and colorful pattern.

We also love the way a neutral pattern still livens up a space just enough with an extra element of visual interest.

Wallpaper on the ceiling is a cool way to highlight architectural details and inset features!

We’re super excited to be using this same Phillip Jeffries wallpaper (in the blue colorway) in a lounge space in one of our current projects–absolutely gorgeous!

We love this trend for how it grounds a room while adding a unique point of interest. So, think beyond the walls when you’re thinking wallpaper! Wallpaper on the ceilings will definitely transform your space in ways you may have not even imagined!

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