Styling Accessories: Our Top 15 Go-To’s

We had a few photo shoots recently and have a few more coming up next week so we’re always trying to find the perfect finishing touches to complete the design of a space! Accessories help to add an extra oomph or pop of color, and are a key component in creating an overall finished look. We wanted to share some of our go-to’s and favorites for when it comes to styling a space to perfection!

1. Colored books. Colored antique books that coordinate with the design are an easy way to fill up empty shelf space. They can be arranged in so many ways to add in visual interest to your built-ins.

colored books 2

colored books .jpg

2. Glass knots. We think glass knots are so fun! Available in tons of colors and sizes and easy to throw in just about anywhere.

glass knots 1

glass knots 2

glass knots 3

3. Decorative boxes. We just loveee a good decorative box. Cute and versatile, especially when it’s a set that comes in multiple sizes! (Check out some of our favorite decorative boxes here!)

decorative box

4. Succulents, plants & flowers. No better way to freshen up a space than with greenery and plants! We love finding flowers that contrast in color to the space so they really stand out. Ferns, leafy plants, and olive branches are amongst our favorites plants, and we gravitate toward tulips, hydrangeas, and peonies as our go-to flowers for styling.

bright flowers

contrasting flowers

olive branch


5. Coffee table books. A stack of coffee table books adds an element of sophistication to a space and gives your guests (and you!) something fun to look at. There are coffee table books for just about every topic out there so it makes for a fun way to express something that you are passionate about. (And sometimes, we just like them for their cover!)

coffee table books 2

coffee table books 3

coffee table books

6. Fresh fruit/produce. This is go-to for photo shoot styling–we love what a fresh sliced watermelon or bowl of lemons or fresh artichokes adds when styling a kitchen!

produce 1

produce 3

produce 2.JPG

7. Cutting boards. We love to layer a stack of cutting boards when accessorizing a kitchen! There are so many cool cutting boards with different materials to mix and match.

cutting boards 2

cutting boards 3

cutting boards

8. Gold sculptural urchins. These are definitely a staple for us–cute & easy to incorporate into a variety of different design styles.

gold urchin

gold urchin 2

9. Sculptural vases & jars. It’s always fun to find a unique-looking sculptural vase that differs from the ‘norm.’ We love this one from Abigail’s!


10. Glass or wood beads. Something so small and simple can sometimes be the perfect finishing touch! Glass or wood beads are perfect to style in a small bowl on top of a console or on top of a stack of books on a coffee table.


glass beads 1

11. Wooden chain links. We were so excited when we got these wooden chain links in one of our projects to style! They’re beautiful and interesting and definitely outside the norm for typical styling accessories. Love!

wooden chain link s.JPG

12. Agate & crystals. Bookends, objects, coasters, you name it. We love to incorporate agate and other gorgeous crystals in any spaces that we can. So pretty!

agate 1


13. Coral sculptures. We found these beautiful coral sculptures and love them for their intricate hand-crafted detail. (We also LOVE the products from Element Clay Studio and hope to incorporate some of these beauties into our projects soon as well!)

coral sculture.JPG

14. Baskets. Perfect for throwing in spare blankets or pillows, baskets are cute and functional for styling and accessorizing a space.

baskets 2

baskets 4


15. Ottoman trays. We love to find a nice ottoman tray to compliment the style of the space, although what actually goes in the tray is another whole styling element in itself!

ottoman tray 2



Stay tuned to see how we styled some of our most recently photographed projects!

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