Photo Shoot Styling: Process & Secrets

We’ve been so thrilled to have the opportunity to capture so many new projects recently with the help of some extremely talented photographers. With two shoots last week and another three this week, it’s something that’s been weighing heavily on our brains and keeping us extremely busy lately! Not in a bad way–we love prepping for our photo shoots and getting our newly completed projects in tip top shape and ready for the spotlight. We wanted to share some insight and behind the scenes of what actually goes into a successful shoot, because it’s way more than just a pretty picture!

About two weeks prior to the scheduled shoot date, we start making lists (mental and physical!) of anything and everything that we may want to have on site to help spruce up the shot. (Secret: a completed space still needs a fair amount of finishing touches to fill it out to our liking! It’s easy for a space to seem bare once captured in a photo, so we say the more the better, and whatever we don’t use can just be packed away.) These lists include anything that we can think of right down to the smallest of details, including the cleaning supplies, the steamer, the tool kit–you never know what you’re going to notice and what you’re going to have to touch up come the day of the shoot!

lists .jpgWe do keep an inventory of styling accessories, books, planters, etc. that we try to incorporate as much as we can into our shoots (see some of our go-to’s and favorites!) however we often need to make a final haul to find some extra items to fill the shelves, accessories to spruce up the bathroom, fresh white towels, throw blankets, you name it! We usually leave with multiple carts full of stuff when prepping for a shoot–especially when there’s three shoots in one week! Just call us crazy bag ladies 🙂

51783573_333297143948663_68596254124277760_n.jpgAnd of course, there’s the flowers and plants. We generally finish off our shopping a day or two before the shoot with a stop at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to get gorgeous fresh blooms to pop some greenery and color into the space. (Sometimes, even potted plants from our own homes make a guest appearance on our clients’ shelves for the sake of the shoot!)


Before the day of the shoot, we go to the site to do some initial styling and get everything as ready as we can because we don’t want to run into any surprises the day of! Here’s a glimpse at what the styling day consisted of for these projects.

Then, the final finishing touches before the photographer arrives. This is when flowers are cut for their vases, everything gets a final once-over cleaning, pillows are fluffed, fresh fruit and produce is laid out on the counters, and everything is looking perfect and ready to go.

What you may not know is behind that perfect shot, things are often actually not that perfect at all… We select the shot that we think best captures the space, but what you don’t see is that everything that we don’t want to be seen is usually hiding right behind the camera–secret’s out!

Our photographers truly do an amazing job at capturing our projects, and it takes a lotttt of hard work to get them looking the way we want them to show them off to the world. It’s so rewarding to capture our projects at their fullest potential and we can’t wait to share all new content with you! Here’s some more behind the scenes and process, sneak peeks & teasers that we’ve gotten from these most recent shoots so far!


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