Calm & Collected

Ever since Tidying Up With Marie Kondo came out on Netflix, it seems as though everyone has caught the KonMari bug. Everyone is cleaning up, de-cluttering, organizing, and paring down on the things they don’t need; making room for only the things that #SparkJoy. We’ve even started to bring the KonMari tactics into our own homes over the past few weeks! In the spirit of tidying up, we wanted to talk about displaying your unique collections and treasures in your home without the clutter & chaos. We think collections are really cool and deserve to be on display! However, there’s a fine line between a tasteful collection showcase and borderline hoarder situation that we’re trying to help you from crossing 😉

There are sooo many trinkets and things that can be collected, depending on what it is that interests you. That being said, not every method for displaying will work for each of those different things. It takes being a little creative to come up with the best way to effectively display your prized possessions. Here are a few of our favorite unique collections and how they were showcased in their homes!

1. Feeling Lucky. If dice is your thing, we love the idea of displaying them in a shadow box like this one to be hung on the wall and serve as a unique piece of artwork.

2. Hats off. Hats are bulky and awkward to store, and take up space in your closet. Why not display them on your bare walls! Look how cute they look on display in that staircase! There are also plenty of hat racks out there, so show em’ off!

3. Stick a Fork In It. Antique silverware makes for a beautiful and interesting collection. Having it on display in your china cabinet is one thing, but making artwork out of it makes it even that much more interesting. Love the idea of arranging everything in different directions to create more of a pattern like this one, too!

4. All Buttoned Up. You know all those extra buttons you get when you buy a new sweater in case one comes out? I never know what to do with them, but putting them on display in a clear glass jar looks cute & you’ll know exactly where to look when the moment finally comes that you need to replace the one that fell off.

Also really cool as framed artwork!

5. Screw it. Absolutely love the idea of displaying your favorite corkscrews in a gallery wall rather than shoved away in a drawer. Hey, different types work better for different bottles!

(Alright, so maybe this is what we’re telling you not to do, but look how fun they look all together!)

6. Roll With It. If you’re an avid baker, maybe rolling pins is your thing. Love the install of all those rolling pins hanging from the ceiling in this restaurant…

…but for containing your collection in your own home, setting them in a cool canister with some cutting boards on your counter tops will do the trick!

7. Fill Your Plate. Decorative plates are another common item to collect. There are lots of great ways to display these collections right on your walls! We recently re-discovered the awesome line of plates and saucers from John Derian–definitely worth taking a look to add to your own collection!

8. Out To Dry. So. Cool. Maybe vintage clothes pins isn’t the exact thing you need, but after seeing this picture I’m inspired to start collecting them myself! Cute in a fun little arrangement in a jar on your shelf or mantel? Sure!

(P.S. this image is used on the back of the coffee table book ‘Collected: Living With The Things We Love’ if you’re interested in reading more about displaying unique collections in your home!)

9. She Sells Sea Shells and other beachy things! Everyone has a soft spot for the ocean, and probably at some point in time has collected rocks, shells, sea creatures, you name it. There are plenty of ways to curate a nostalgic collection without overdoing it. Also love the idea of labeling each jar to mark where you collected them from!

Here’s a look at Caitlin’s ocean treasures in her own home, paired with a few bits and bobs from her other collections!

10. Say Cheese. Seeing how cameras have evolved over time is really interesting. Antique old cameras make a really cool display on open shelves or hanging directly on the wall!

11. The Key To My Heart. Old fashioned keys are so cool. Like any item in a collection, each one holds an interesting story. Similar in shape & size to silverware, keys are great to display in a frame or shadow box to make a unique piece of artwork.

12. Causing a Raquet. Tennis raquets and other sporting equipment collections make for a really fun install in a bedroom or game room.

13. Hammer Time. We love the idea of displaying your old tool collection directly on your walls. It looks cool & industrial and you know exactly where everything is when you’re looking for it to actually use!

14. Makin’ it Rain. Watering cans and other garden supplies look absolutely adorable on open shelves in a cute little farmhouse shed!

Whatever your collection is, dust it off and display it with pride! However, a large collection of items in a home can be overwhelming, so be sure to select your favorite pieces that you feel are most worthy of being on display in order to alleviate unnecessary clutter on a shelf or surface space. When it comes to displaying a collection, organization is key. In order for your collection to look beautiful in your home, it should look curated and purposeful, and serve as decor or artwork rather than as extra junk.

The whole KonMari method entails getting rid of the things that we don’t need or don’t love. While it may be difficult to part with some of these things, paring down on your collections allows you to enjoy your most beautiful things in order to showcase the things you love the most. 

Happy collecting! 🙂


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