Sunday Inspiration: Kids’ Bedrooms

It’s school vacation week which means you’re either going away on a little break, or you’re at home trying to figure out what to do while the kids are home. If your littles have been begging for a fun refresh of their bedroom, maybe this is the week to start gathering ideas and inspiration & start tackling that project! Here are some of our favorite kids’ bedroom ideas to get the gears turning and to give them a space that they (and you!) will love.

Cozy nooks. Give your child a litte space of their own to read, write, draw, create, play–you name it.

Love the idea of using chalkboard paint in their bedroom. And how cute and cozy is that adorable little corner?!

Mini Man Cave–is that not the cutest thing ever?! And that animal wallpaper is probably my new favorite thing. (That particular paper is removable peel and stick, so cute AND easy!)

Love this daybed piled with the cutest pillows. And again, that wallpaper!!

Shared spaces. If your kids are coexisting, here are a few bedroom ideas that we think they’d be happy to share.

Something different. Here are a few of our favorite unique and awesome bedroom spaces that I wish my parents had thought of when I was a kid, to be honest.

Does it get any more cool than these adorable jungle oasis bedrooms? Bonus points for these bed frames being simple enough to DIY!

And this awesome bedroom that looks like a cute little backyard cabana.

And having your very own mini rock wall in your room?! Yes please!

Maximizing the space. If you’re working with a smaller space, there are lots of great ways to maximize & make the best use of the space with different storage solutions.

This small bedroom still feels super bright and open and looks absolutely adorable, with plenty of storage space under the bed.

Everything in here is tucked away neatly on built-in shelves!

Love the wallpaper on the back of the shelves and love the incorporation of the bench seat!

Cute wallpaper was a common theme throughout here. Kids’ rooms are a great place to add a fun wallpaper, especially when it’s as simple as peel & stick! Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a complete bedroom makeover, we hope we helped inspire you to make some fun changes in your kids’ bedroom!

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