North Fork Photo Shoots: #InletDriveProject Reveal

We recently had a few photo shoots in the North Fork and we’re super excited to have finally received the images back from our #InletDriveProject! We haven’t had time to get them up on our website yet so you saw them here first. Enjoy!

#InletDriveProject, Mattituck NY.

For this home, we were dealing with an awkward existing built-in in the dining room and our client wanted to make better use of the space. We added a more functional built-in with a bench seat to add more purposeful seating in this dining area. At the top of the stair landing is a small space that our client wanted to turn into a quiet & cozy living area. We also updated three of the bedrooms to give a cohesive refreshed look throughout!

NFDC 1.18.19-1NFDC 1.18.19-7NFDC 1.18.19-2NFDC 1.18.19-8NFDC 1.18.19-10NFDC 1.18.19-3NFDC 1.18.19-6NFDC 1.18.19-9NFDC 1.18.19-5NFDC 1.18.19-4

(All photo credit to Kyle Caldwell Photography)



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