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Spring Equinox: In Full Bloom

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking ūüėČ It’s the first full¬†day of spring which means: brace yourself for floral everything! I love what the start of spring signifies in terms of renewal, a fresh start, new life & new hope, and I love that it brings fresh blooms and color back into a bleak, gray post-winter world. While we do love seeing the reappearance of spring florals in fabrics, wallpaper, clothing, etc., we can’t be alone in thinking that it can be a little overdone,¬†especially¬†at this time of year. Don’t get us wrong, we obviously welcome spring and warmer weather with open arms and want to celebrate that by sharing some of our favorite more unconventional, less traditional applications and uses of spring florals. There are several ways to incorporate florals and botanicals that still freshen and liven up a space while celebrating the changing of the seasons in a bit of a different way than the usual or expected. Here are a few our favorite out-of-the ordinary spring florals!

Botanical sketches. I love the simplicity and delicate beauty of botanical sketches, whether they are more detailed or abstracted line drawings.

Pressed flowers as art. (Or, artwork that¬†looks like pressed flowers, for that matter).¬†There’s something about preserving the beauty of living, growing things that I just can’t get enough of. Such a cute way to put your favorites on display and to welcome spring!

And how cute are these pressed flower plaques for an even more out-of-the-ordinary way to incorporate florals into your home?!

Floral wallpapered ceilings. For a bold pop of floral in a bit of an unexpected place. (Check back on our Design Dilemmas post for more thoughts and inspiration for wallpapered ceilings!)

Floral wallpaper framed as art.¬†For when you don’t want to commit to the whole wall, a smaller piece of a cool wallpaper looks just as beautiful when framed as artwork!

Floral wallpaper murals. For when you are feeling bold and do want to make more of a statement.

Leafs and greenery.¬†Not quite floral but still botanical–a fresh pop of green leaves or ferns help to welcome spring just the same!

Bugs, butterflies, and birds. Ok, again not quite floral, but all three signify the return of spring & warmer weather just the same!

Vintage botanical prints. Similar to the look of botanical sketches, vintage botanical prints help to bring in a subtle pop of color in a delicate but beautiful way.

Floral pillow refresh. One of the easiest ways to refresh for spring is with a fresh batch of pillows. Swap out your cozy winter pillows for some fun & colorful floral pillows to welcome the changing of the season.

Flower walls. Real or fake, we love the visual impact that these strung-together flowers creates on a wall.

Black & white floral. For all the neutral people out there, there are plenty of black and white or monochromatic options for freshening up your home for spring.

All the rest.¬†Florals that don’t quite fit into any of these categories but we still love & feel inspired by them!

Trending for NFDCo: Seeing Green

With St. Patrick’s day coming up this weekend, everyone is “seeing green.” However, we’ve been seeing green in a little bit of a different way. Maybe we were inspired by some of the rich & deep greens on the Benjamin Moore color trends palette for 2019 but we noticed that a lot of our saved Instagram posts as well as pins to our general ‘Design Inspiration’ board on our Pinterest were trending particularly in this color direction.

Here’s a few screen shots from what our “saved” pages & “recent pins” look like currently–it’s always fun to look back and see what common element continues to show up over any certain period of time!

screenshot 3

screenshot 4

screenshot 5


screenshot 2.png

I love the use of dark hunter greens on kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, furniture, walls, and tile. In terms of color theory/meanings and color psychology, green is a “down to earth color that represents new beginnings and growth.” The use of green in design also provides calming, balancing, and harmonizing effects as it promotes a connection to nature and the natural world. Green in design (especially some of these dark and moody tones that we’ve been seeing in our own inspiration) is beautiful because it is not too overstimulating but still adds a pop of color and interest. Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite spaces that have us green with envy!

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day weekend with some fresh green inspiration for your home!

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2019: Thoughts & Inspiration

We recently attended a CEU at the InHome Design Center in Amesbury, MA where we brushed up on our knowledge about paint finishes and sheens and and a speaker from Benjamin Moore taught us about the color of the year and color trends for 2019. For those of you who don’t know, Benjamin Moore reveals it’s color of the year & color trends forecast around October or November for the year to come–(ok, so we’re a little late to the draw here!) but attending this event recently helped to re-spark some inspiration and the want to chime in on some of our thoughts for the colors in the palette that we’re loving.

The color of the year for 2019 is dubbed “Metropolitan.” It’s a neutral gray with cooler undertones. The statement about Metropolitan directly from Ben Moore’s website reads that the color is¬†¬†“comforting, composed and effortlessly sophisticated” and it “exudes beauty and balance.” This choice of color is understated and far less aggressive than last years choice of “Caliente.” It is said to create a soothing & impactful common ground and we agree! It’s a nice, quiet and relaxing color.


It’s interesting to learn about how and why the color is chosen, and it really comes down essentially to what’s going on with the world around us. A lot of the inspiration in the color selection comes from travels around the world and selecting the colors and hues that were most prominent in any given place. The decision for the color choice also reflects our mood towards the world around us as a whole and a neutral color choice reflects the idea that we may be more accepting and coming to terms with everything that is going on around us, but are still aware of it all just the same. Metropolitan is definitely easy to incorporate into just about any space being the beautiful neutral that it is–here are a few of our favorite “Metropolitan” interiors.


(This space uses Metropolitan for the walls and Hale Navy for the cabinetry!)

Aside from the neutral gray itself, we love the palette that they’ve pulled together to complement the color of the year. This palette is comprised of a combination of both pale & muted pastels/neutrals AND rich, more deeply saturated, moody hues. Some of our favorites from the palette are Decorator’s White, Beau Green, Black Pepper, (which we recently used to paint custom nightstands for a client and can’t wait to see!) Kendall Charcoal, Hunter Green, Hale Navy, and I’ve surprised myself to find the Head Over Heels (pink!) to be interesting and refreshing within a space.

Here are a few of our favorites highlighted in interior spaces!

Here’s a shot of Kendall Charcoal used in our own Decatur Street Project!

kendal charcoal

We always love learning about the color forecast and seeing what’s predicted to be on trend for the year to come. We would especially love to incorporate some of those darker deeper greens and blues from this years’ palette into some of our projects soon!

North Fork Installs & Progress

We had a whirlwind of a couple days at the beginning of our week in the North Fork taking care of initial installs for two different projects. We had to deal with some weather-related trials and tribulations but are very happy with how everything is coming along! In case you missed our instagram stories, we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes and progress shots of everything that goes into a successful install.

We had two entire homes worth of furniture ordered and delivered to our receiving/moving company in New York. We created spreadsheet after spreadsheet tracking the status & location of each and every item in hopes to make the installs go as smoothly as possible. We also packed two cars full of smaller items that we had sent directly to our office.

Install day arrives! We’re excited to get everything in place and see it all come together in the home. Buuut, it happened to be one of the windiest days we’ve ever experienced. Not exactly ideal conditions for moving all that furniture into two different homes. But, we kept saying at least it’s not snowing or raining!

Despite a few hiccups and delays in our day, we still got everything accomplished. Take a look through our photo recap to check out some of the process and progress! (It’s certainly not all glamour!)


A loft space with a tight spiral staircase posed a few issues in getting all the furniture up there, but we managed (somehow!)

And here’s a look at the living room & dining room as we were wrapping up. Almost there!

#SoundShoreProject, Guest House 

The Guest House is a modern space that we added some finishing & styling touches to. We added super cool pillows in the bedrooms and finished off the living space with some fun accessories.

#SoundShoreProject, Beach Cottage

Juxtaposed on the same property is this adorable beach cottage with the most gorgeous ocean views. Almost all of the furniture is there–we can’t wait to go back in the warmer months to finish styling!

Despite 50 MPH winds and unheated homes, we really accomplished a lot over these two days and are thrilled with how everything is coming along so far–this is all a work in process still! Stay tuned to keep up with more progress and the final reveals coming soon.

Seriously, check out those winds!