North Fork Installs & Progress

We had a whirlwind of a couple days at the beginning of our week in the North Fork taking care of initial installs for two different projects. We had to deal with some weather-related trials and tribulations but are very happy with how everything is coming along! In case you missed our instagram stories, we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes and progress shots of everything that goes into a successful install.

We had two entire homes worth of furniture ordered and delivered to our receiving/moving company in New York. We created spreadsheet after spreadsheet tracking the status & location of each and every item in hopes to make the installs go as smoothly as possible. We also packed two cars full of smaller items that we had sent directly to our office.

Install day arrives! We’re excited to get everything in place and see it all come together in the home. Buuut, it happened to be one of the windiest days we’ve ever experienced. Not exactly ideal conditions for moving all that furniture into two different homes. But, we kept saying at least it’s not snowing or raining!

Despite a few hiccups and delays in our day, we still got everything accomplished. Take a look through our photo recap to check out some of the process and progress! (It’s certainly not all glamour!)


A loft space with a tight spiral staircase posed a few issues in getting all the furniture up there, but we managed (somehow!)

And here’s a look at the living room & dining room as we were wrapping up. Almost there!

#SoundShoreProject, Guest House 

The Guest House is a modern space that we added some finishing & styling touches to. We added super cool pillows in the bedrooms and finished off the living space with some fun accessories.

#SoundShoreProject, Beach Cottage

Juxtaposed on the same property is this adorable beach cottage with the most gorgeous ocean views. Almost all of the furniture is there–we can’t wait to go back in the warmer months to finish styling!

Despite 50 MPH winds and unheated homes, we really accomplished a lot over these two days and are thrilled with how everything is coming along so far–this is all a work in process still! Stay tuned to keep up with more progress and the final reveals coming soon.

Seriously, check out those winds!


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