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Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2020: “Naval”

As much as we disagreed and didn’t care for Sherwin William’s “Color of the Year” for last year, we were much more excited about the recent announcement of the color choice for 2020: Naval, a classic and timeless navy blue hue.


As always, a company’s choice for the color is a reflection of current events, mood & mindset and forecasted design trends. The reasoning behind the dark moody navy color stems from America’s current mental state and the need and desire to relax more. Naval was “designed to inspire a sense of restfulness and tranquility” within the home. Americans are statistically some of the most stressed out people in the world, and it only makes sense that we seek out anything we can to help relieve tension, right down to the colors that surround our everyday lives and fill our homes.

We love Naval for obvious reasons. It’s classic, it’s timeless, not to mention it nearly matches our logo color that we selected a while back! Look at us, being on trend ahead of our time 😉

White on Blue

But seriously, how could you go wrong? Unless you hate blue, of course, but we happen to love it (in case you couldn’t tell!) We’ve said for a while that certain colors can still act as neutrals and Naval is no exception to that. Though it is still a color, it serves as a neutral in the sense that it’s meant to be layered and played around with. It’s no doubt a bold color choice as an accent wall, kitchen cabinetry, etc. but at the same time doesn’t feel too daring. We think it’s workable and easy to incorporate–if you’re feeling inspired to add this years’ color choice (or very similar colors) to your home here are a few more inspiration images of ways to use it for yourself!

We still love this kitchen in the South End that we did a few years back and while the cabinet color isn’t technically Naval, it’s pretty darn close and love the way it looks in this home!

In addition to the color as Sherwin Williams releases as the color of the year, they also release an entire palette that complements and parallels the ideas behind the forecasted color trends. This years’ entire palette is designed to soothe and nurture the mind, body, and spirit. They separate the rest of the palette into five different words or categories and this years’ categories are Alive, Mantra, Play, Haven and Heart. Check out the rest of the palettes below! Haven_Heart_Mantra_Play_Alive_

How do this years color choices resonate with you? How are you thinking about incorporating them into your own home? Love them? Hate them? Let us know!