Holiday Mood Boards–What’s Your Style?

Ready or not, here it comes! With Thanksgiving already come and gone, the holiday season is in full swing and with less than three short weeks until Christmas we’re getting in the spirit right away (some of us have been listening to Christmas music since Halloween!) It’s always fun to hear about different holiday traditions, celebrations, decorations, wrapping style, etc and we’ve already seen a major influx of holiday inspiration across our socials so we each decided to put together a holiday mood board reflecting our own personal holiday style. What are some traditions that you and your family take part in each year? What is the one decoration in your home that it doesn’t feel like Christmas without? There are so many ways to express your own holiday style in your home–whether it’s textured & layered, moody & neutral, playful & bright, or cozy & traditional. Check out the NFDCo. teams’ boards below and let us know who’s holiday style you’re most matched up with–or let us know some of the elements that would be on on your own mood board!


Caitlin loves the idea of highlighting foraged nature & natural elements all year round, and Christmas time is certainly no exception! Moody hues and earth tones create a cozy and rustic vibe all while keeping a minimalist and anomalous, Kinfolk Home style Christmas mood.Holiday Style - CFElyse

‘Quintessential Christmas’ sums up Elyse’s classic holiday style. Defined by a familiar red and green palette, Elyse loves her Christmas plaids paired with burlap or twine. It feels traditional, homey, comfortable, and timeless and makes you think of cozy fires, cookies baking, and snow falling outside–what Christmas is all about! EP Christmas Inspo Board 11.25Emily 

Emily’s holiday style is neutral, clean, and simple with layers of natural elements to enhance coziness. She loves brown paper wrapping accented with a touch of personal creativity or flare. Her choice of color palette is a more muted, moodier version of a “traditional” Christmas palette. Adding a sprig of greenery or a strand of garland or pine cones with seasonally scented candles lit is Emily’s ideal minimalist Christmas setting.

emily christmas mood boardHaley

Haley has been a full-time intern with us for this semester while she’s finishing up her senior year at Endicott and it’s been great to have her around! Her personal holiday style can best be described as simple, playful, and casual, highlighted by a palette of fun colors that aren’t too bright or saturated. Haley also loves the incorporation of natural elements as well as pairing vintage decor with modern style to complement each other. Familiar and traditional with a touch of modern flare!


Whether you’ve already decorated your home and your tree or any of this serves as inspiration for how you may want to decorate (perhaps this weekend?!) we wish everyone a very happy holiday season!

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