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Home Detox: 8 Ways to Refresh & Reset Your Space When You’re Kind of Sick of Being There

While things are hesitantly, cautiously, and very optimistically starting to open back up and return to “normal” a lot of us are still stuck (safe) at home. And we probably will be for a while until we know it’s safe to return to our office environments without the risk of exposure. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably enjoying the extra time you have and this kind of “down time” feeling that we’re all experiencing amidst working from home, but at the same time a little sick of being in the same environment day in and day out. Anyone else?? We work here, we sleep here, we eat here, we exercise here, everything is at home right now & all that extra time calls for a major need to refresh & reset to make sure that we’re breathing fresh air (literally and metaphorically) into our home environments. We’ve given you things to do in quarantine, home office inspiration to spruce up your space, and our prediction as to how the future of home will change as a result of all of this. Now, we’re thinking about the actual health of your home. When you think of the word detox, you probably think of vegetable juices and apple cider vinegar. Similarly, we’re talking about ways to flush out & reset your home and get rid of any toxins that have been floating around in the space that we’re spending sooo much time in.

Open the windows. 

The weather is finally warm enough! Let some fresh air in–out with the old stale air and in with that crisp springy morning breeze that warms up as the day goes on.

NFDC 2.6.19-5

Our #3MarlboroughSt project with plenty of natural light and the perfect place to let in some fresh air.

Keep cleaning & disinfecting. 

We know, you’ve heard it a million and one times, but there’s no better time to deep clean your house. Speaking of toxins–try to stick to natural cleaning products or try your hand at making your own to reduce the amount of additional chemicals that you’re bringing into your home. But at the same time, we know that right now is a time for heavy hitters. (Hello bleach & Lysol!) Whatever you use, just keep using it. Disinfect surfaces, door handles, light switches, anything you can think of.

NFDC 2.7.20-14

Natural cleaning products on display in our #ChestnutStProject laundry room.

Clean your sheets. 

Any time you go out in public, germs & viruses have the potential to stick to your clothes and skin, and then of course transferred into your bed. Keep your sheets fresh–what’s better than crawling into bed with fresh cleaned sheets anyways?!

NFDC 6.13.18-6

Fresh clean sheets and bedding in our #ShelterIslandHomeProject master bedroom.

Add plants. 

Local greenhouses & flower shops have luckily remained open (not to mention you can pick up greenery, flowers, and plants at most grocery stores). They are a mood booster to have around and also are natural air purifiers & improve air quality in your home so that’s a win-win in my book!

NFDC 6.14.18-12

Plenty of plants & greenery in our #SigsbeeRoadProject dining room.

Vacuum & dust. 

All the nooks and crannies. All the under-beds. Behind the sofa. Under the cabinets. The last thing we need is additional dust bunnies during a time of peak allergies & COVID19. Get rid of it all for a fresh, clean, easy-to-breathe in space.

NFDC 11.14.19-5

Freshly vacuumed rugs & dusted surfaces at our #BroadStCondoProject.

Light candles or diffusers. 

Make your space smell nice! Even though candles only create the illusion that a space is fresh and clean, it certainly takes it up a notch when combined with all of these other things. Choose scents that remind you of your favorite things: lavender in the garden, the beach, fresh linen, the possibilities are endless.

NFDC 6.13.18-27

A few candles used for styling on the shelves of our #ShelterIslandHomeProject.

Clean out the fridge. 

Get rid of those leftovers you forgot about from three weeks ago or those strawberries that you promised yourself you would eat this time around. Keep your food fresh by doing minimal amounts of grocery shopping trips only when you need to and dispose of food that is past it’s prime. If you do this often and keep up with it, it’s an easy thing to rotate out the old and keep a clean & organized fridge.

NFDC 12.9.19-8

Fresh fruits & veggies and a clean fridge at our #IndianheadCircleProject.

Think outside the cleaning box. 

I’m sure you’re already cleaning your kitchen counters, the bathrooms, the obvious places. But try to think of other places or items in your home that you don’t normally include in your Sunday morning cleaning–your trash bins, the inside of your microwave, TV remote controls, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.

NFDC 6.14.18-5

All clean surfaces and fixtures in our #PineNeckProject living room and kitchen.

Detoxing your home is just as important as detoxing your body! Healthy, clean homes are a key element to overall health (physical and mental), especially when we’re spending so much time here. Out with the bad, in with the good. Get rid of unnecessary toxins within your home and breathe a breath of fresh air to help reset your space for a much needed pick-me-up!

*All photographs are property of Kyle Caldwell & North Fork Design Co.