NFDCo. Update: How We’ve Been Adjusting and Moving Forward with the #NewNormal

In case you couldn’t tell, we have been B U S Y–hence lack of blog posts! This summer was a blur anyways, but hey! We’re still here and we’re still working hard–harder than ever even. Any time anyone has asked “how’s work” since the beginning of the pandemic, we feel truly so lucky to have been able to say “it’s great, actually! We’ve been so busy!” And that’s the truth. Much to nobody’s surprise, everyone is spending extra time in their homes and deciding that it’s time to make some changes, whether it’s aesthetically or functionally. And that’s where we’re (still) here to help!

Here’s Caitlin getting her work from home space set up back in April!

For the beginning of quarantine, we all worked strictly from our homes. We transitioned from working from end tables and coffee tables and sofas and started to realize that this was going to be more permanent than we originally planned. We eventually invested in desks and creating work spaces that we actually enjoyed being in and creating an at-home work environment that would be effective and efficient and allow us to keep moving forward as “normally” as possible. Normal for us meant calling each other approximately 7853 times a day to talk through things. This was a big difference from our usual collaborative office environment, but we made it work! During this time, client meetings in person were non-existent and were kept to Zoom or email. Again, strange for us since we’re so used to in-person meetings and presentations.

In the early phases of quarantine, we all created a flatlay that best reflected each of our work-from-home experiences. This was Caitlins…

We swear this year has gone something like January, February, Marchvember and it’s blowing my mind that we’re already seeing holiday decorations. Nonetheless, big changes for us this fall. We had student interns start in early September and we had to prepare for how to safely be back in the office if and when possible, in order to provide our interns with at least some in office experience. In addition to interns, we also hired Haley, another full-time designer, as well as Aimee, a part time office manager/organizer. It has been AMAZING to have so many hands on deck and we feel like we’re checking things off of our to-do list left and right. However, this meant re-arranging our office to promote a safe and clean work space for all. We deep cleaned our office, switched around our furniture to ensure social distancing while everyone is at their desk, and we even did an overhaul of our materials library with more efficient shelves so that we could open up that space. We invested in a great picnic table and a ton of heavy-hitter cleaning products out of extra precaution. We even got a cute new rug to totally freshen up our space!

Here’s what some of our office re-organization looked like…

Now, we are all together in the office 2-4 days a week and have been going back to-in person client meetings and presentations, so things feel “back to normal” as they can for us! We’re still taking an abundance of caution in all things that we do but we are here and still working harder than ever. As always, you can stay updated on our day-to-day via our Instagram and our Facebook and we promise we’ll try to be more active in the blog posting department! We hope everyone is still saying safe & healthy, wish you all well & thank you to everyone who continues to keep up with & support our business!

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