NFDCO’s Homes for the Holidays

Like everyone else, all of us at NFDCo are all spending a little bit of extra time in our homes this holiday season, so we figured it would be fun to highlight and share with you a little bit of insight as to what our own homes look like for the holidays. As you may recall from last year, we all created our personal holiday mood boards which represented each of our holiday styles in terms of wrapping, décor, and overall holiday aesthetic. In the spirit of holiday fun, how well do you think each of our homes relate to last year’s vision boards? As a design company, we are constantly sharing photos of our client’s homes but just for Christmas, here’s a look at our own!


Cait’s home is decked out with the cutest Christmas pups and classic Marblehead charm! Cozy, warm, and inviting even with a foot of snow!


Elyse’s cat Pumpkin is a big help during the holidays! She loves to help tie the bows on the presents and loves helping work on her Christmas Cats puzzle! Elyse embroidered the names on her stockings herself and deserves an award for the gorgeous wreath that she made. (Can you believe that bow?!)


Emily takes a minimal approach to her Christmas décor but a maximal approach to her wrapping! Simple sprigs of greenery, a few holly berries, and Christmas tree scented candles are what make her holidays merry & bright.


Haley’s traditional Christmas décor is so cute and cozy, a cup of hot chocolate on that couch with a handful of those tasty treats sounds nice to me! And that’s my favorite saying that I’ve ever seen on a letterboard, keeping that in mind for Christmas cards next year 🙂

There’s no place like home for the holidays and from our homes to yours, we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. We’ll see you in the New Year!

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