Put simply, North Fork Design style feels like home. There are no hard and fast rules–in fact, we think it’s more of a feeling than a style–like when you slip into your favorite pair of jeans, or see an old friend and pick right back up where you left off years before. It’s a mixing of authentic materials that nod to the area’s agricultural history, rustic beaches, and faded beauty – a light layering of relaxed fabrics, breezy colors, stones and fibers, jute rugs, and found objects.


Our fresh and energized attitude towards design is bolstered by an array of experience and abilities. We offer full interior design services, solving even the most challenging design dilemmas with a simple, creative approach. We design spaces that are beautiful, well-appointed, and most importantly, livable


Caitlin Flynn

Caitlin graduated from Endicott College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She continued her education by completing a Master of Arts in Interior Design. Originally from the North Fork of Long Island, NY, she was immersed within a landscape dotted with vineyards, antique shops, local farms, and shoreline: instilling a lasting appreciation for coastal living. Believing all interiors should be livable and layered – she loves to incorporate found objects, showcasing a clients’ unique sense of style. With a love for the creative world, Caitlin is always on the lookout for distinctive textiles, or anything with a patina – gravitating towards a neutral palette that feels collected and tells a story!



Elyse Parkhurst

Elyse graduated Cum Laude from Endicott College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Before Co-founding NFDC, she worked in several prestigious design firms in the Boston area where she gained valuable experience after working alongside some of the leading professionals in the design community.  With a passion for fine arts and background in color theory, Elyse’s love of vibrant colors and patterns allows her to creatively integrate added interest through textiles, artwork, and décor, frequently combining multiple styles and aesthetics into a cohesive design.   Elyse’s love of design and keen eye for detail allows her to continuously find inspiration in her daily life, from architecture, fashion, and culinary arts, as well as from travels abroad.          



Emily Reera

Emily Reera graduated from Endicott College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She spent a semester living in Florence, Italy and traveling throughout Europe where her passion for art, architecture, and design was heightened. Growing up near the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire sparked Emily’s drive for adventure, love of traveling, and seeing new places. Emily is very detail-oriented, organized, and influenced by the way a space can resonate with an individual–believing that it is important to live presently as inspiration can arise at any moment.

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