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Project Reveal: #MedfordStProject

Our latest project to share is our #MedfordStProject which involved a major bathroom renovation/transformation–and it happens to be one of our favorites to date! Thanks to the help of our superhero contractor we were able to pull off this bathroom re-design on a relatively tight timeline so our clients were able to move in. The original bathroom was designed for ADA use but felt too large and empty so we reconfigured to make better & more purposeful use of the over-sized space. We chose simplistic streamlined materials and a very neutral color palette to bring this bathroom together, complete with matte black hardware and light fixture finishes. We’re so happy with how this gorgeous bathroom came out and are super excited to start the process of digging into the next phase for this home, which will include entryway, kitchen, and living room renovations.

*All photos are property of Kyle Caldwell Photography

Project Reveal: #ChestnutStProject

With a little bit of extra time on our hands, we’ve been able to put together a few project reveals for your viewing enjoyment! We’re thrilled to have gotten all of these photos back from the incredibly talented Kyle Caldwell Photography and while they’re still in the works of being published on our website, you’re seeing them all here first!

Our #ChestnutStProject in Wellesley consisted of major renovations to all of the bathrooms, mudroom, and laundry space. In the master bathroom, we changed the layout to make better use of a very large space. We transformed an all white, outdated bathroom to feel much more modern and luxurious. Rich deep blues, brass hardware, and brass accents helped to give this master bathroom the makeover it needed.

For the kid’s bathroom, we chose to do a fun striped pattern on the shower wall with variations of blue penny rounds. We also added a bright blue vanity to liven up the space.

What is now the laundry room used to be a bathroom off of a bedroom. With enough bathrooms in the house and no designated laundry space, we closed off the door that connected the bedroom and the bathroom and made it accessible from the hallway. Now the clients have a purposeful (and pretty) space to do their laundry in!

For the green/blue powder room and the guest bathroom, minor renovations were made to freshen up and modernize each of the spaces.

In the mudroom, we completely opened up what was a small powder room/laundry space/storage closet and designed the most adorable mudroom with custom built in cabinetry, shiplap walls, and the perfect space to drop off muddy boots and coats right off of the garage.

We love how the renovations in this home turned out and are excited to finally be able to share all these photos with you! we hope you enjoy & stay well!

*All photos are property of Kyle Caldwell

Things To Do For Your Home (And For Yourself) While In Quarantine

The majority of us have been social distancing, isolating, and staying quarantined within our homes for about a week now, and if you’re anything like us you’re either a.) already going crazy or b.) have already found ways to keep yourself from doing so. That being said, with no definite end in sight and who knows how many more weeks stuck at home, we’ve come up with a few suggestions of ways to pass the time, for the benefit for your home and for yourself!

Clean everything. 

It goes without saying that now is a good time to clean just about everything in your home. Any surface, all the nooks and crannies, bathrooms, windows, sheets, clothes, anything. What better time to get a jump start on your spring cleaning? Make sure to disinfect while you’re at it, too 🙂

Organize & declutter. 

Find new homes for all of your stuff. *Please do NOT go out to the Container Store or any store for that matter, but find ways to put your things away with means that you already have. Or, make a plan for when it is safe to go back out and purchase things if you want a complete organization overhaul.

Create or make art. 

Pick up a sketch book, a paint brush, or anything you’re comfortable (or uncomfortable!) with. Maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent, maybe you’ll end up with a new piece of art to hang in your living room! At the very least, it’s something to try and usually helps to put your mind at ease.

horseshoe crab

Caitlin getting in touch with her creative side!

Rearrange your furniture. 

Even if it doesn’t work, it was worth a shot. You can always put it back, we have the time.


Seriously, just do it. Tap into your personal library or re-read an old favorite.


Being cooped up in the house and working from your bed can definitely do some damage to your body! Be sure to keep your body moving to prevent future aches and pains. Check out Emily’s favorite stretching regimen!

Create a cute WFH setup. 

With the shift from working from offices to working from home, create a positive working environment. Find a good spot in the sun, light candles, get comfy, set up plants, anything you can do to make the transition any less miserable. Look at our friend @ameliabydesign_ ‘s cutest little home desk area!

Learn to cook, or brush up on your cooking skills. 

Practice your cooking or baking. Try a new recipe incorporating some of your stocked-up goods. It’ll kind of be like you’re starring in your own episode of Chopped but hey, you never know what you could come up with!

DIY something. 

Build a new shelf, re-purpose an old piece of furniture, paint something **only if you currently have the supplies to do so. Get creative!

Start planning your garden. 

Spring has officially sprung! Might as well start to plot out what you’re going to grow and where.


While gyms are closed, find any means of moving if possible. Tons of gyms and fitness instructors are offering free live-streamed work out classes, yoga classes, whatever you’re into. Or, go for a walk outside and get some fresh air, if you are able to do so while still avoiding people as much as possible. *Follow the caption link for free livestream workouts and workout app trials!

Clean out your basement. 

Go through old things that you can get rid of or donate when it becomes safe to do so. It may be a daunting task for some, but might as well get a grasp on what you have that you can get rid of.


*See “clean everything”. Take a duster to surfaces that may not be a part of your weekly cleaning routine–ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, etc.

Plan your future renovations. 

You’re spending more time than ever inside your home. Maybe you’re noticing that your bathroom needs a facelift or your kitchen needs a makeover. Start making plans for what can be done to make some changes, thinking about a budget, etc. and we’ll be here for you when you’re ready to move forward with that 🙂

NFDC 6.13.18-18

One of our favorite kitchen renovations at our #ShelterIslandHomeProject

Clean out your fridge. 

Those leftovers from 3 weeks ago that got pushed to the back left corner of the fridge? Throw them out and clean the dishes.

Try your hand at a new cocktail. 

Because let’s be real, we could all use one right about now anyways, right? See what you’ve got in the house and look up recipes accordingly. Cheers!

home bar

Home bar setup at our #SouthEndReno project!

Stay positive & be kind.

This isn’t easy for anyone. All of humanity is facing a weird time and nobody is immune. The best thing we can do for each other is be kind, be patient, and be understanding. We’re all in this together–stay positive and we will get through all of this eventually!

stay positive

Huge thank you to all of the front line workers–the nurses, the doctors, the first responders, the scientists, the grocery store workers, and all others that are still working to make this all better every single day.

What are some other ways you’re spending your isolation? Let us know your thoughts and ideas!

Project Reveal: #BroadStreetCondoProject

We just got the photos back from our #BroadStreetCondoProject and while we’re a little too busy trying to meet all of our end-of-year deadlines to get them published on our website just yet, we still wanted to share! We were going for a simplistic, modern design to serve as the family’s weekend city escape. Sleek finishes, a sophisticated color palette and simple styling elements helped to bring together this gorgeous Boston condo!

Holiday Mood Boards–What’s Your Style?

Ready or not, here it comes! With Thanksgiving already come and gone, the holiday season is in full swing and with less than three short weeks until Christmas we’re getting in the spirit right away (some of us have been listening to Christmas music since Halloween!) It’s always fun to hear about different holiday traditions, celebrations, decorations, wrapping style, etc and we’ve already seen a major influx of holiday inspiration across our socials so we each decided to put together a holiday mood board reflecting our own personal holiday style. What are some traditions that you and your family take part in each year? What is the one decoration in your home that it doesn’t feel like Christmas without? There are so many ways to express your own holiday style in your home–whether it’s textured & layered, moody & neutral, playful & bright, or cozy & traditional. Check out the NFDCo. teams’ boards below and let us know who’s holiday style you’re most matched up with–or let us know some of the elements that would be on on your own mood board!


Caitlin loves the idea of highlighting foraged nature & natural elements all year round, and Christmas time is certainly no exception! Moody hues and earth tones create a cozy and rustic vibe all while keeping a minimalist and anomalous, Kinfolk Home style Christmas mood.Holiday Style - CFElyse

‘Quintessential Christmas’ sums up Elyse’s classic holiday style. Defined by a familiar red and green palette, Elyse loves her Christmas plaids paired with burlap or twine. It feels traditional, homey, comfortable, and timeless and makes you think of cozy fires, cookies baking, and snow falling outside–what Christmas is all about! EP Christmas Inspo Board 11.25Emily 

Emily’s holiday style is neutral, clean, and simple with layers of natural elements to enhance coziness. She loves brown paper wrapping accented with a touch of personal creativity or flare. Her choice of color palette is a more muted, moodier version of a “traditional” Christmas palette. Adding a sprig of greenery or a strand of garland or pine cones with seasonally scented candles lit is Emily’s ideal minimalist Christmas setting.

emily christmas mood boardHaley

Haley has been a full-time intern with us for this semester while she’s finishing up her senior year at Endicott and it’s been great to have her around! Her personal holiday style can best be described as simple, playful, and casual, highlighted by a palette of fun colors that aren’t too bright or saturated. Haley also loves the incorporation of natural elements as well as pairing vintage decor with modern style to complement each other. Familiar and traditional with a touch of modern flare!


Whether you’ve already decorated your home and your tree or any of this serves as inspiration for how you may want to decorate (perhaps this weekend?!) we wish everyone a very happy holiday season!

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2020: “Naval”

As much as we disagreed and didn’t care for Sherwin William’s “Color of the Year” for last year, we were much more excited about the recent announcement of the color choice for 2020: Naval, a classic and timeless navy blue hue.


As always, a company’s choice for the color is a reflection of current events, mood & mindset and forecasted design trends. The reasoning behind the dark moody navy color stems from America’s current mental state and the need and desire to relax more. Naval was “designed to inspire a sense of restfulness and tranquility” within the home. Americans are statistically some of the most stressed out people in the world, and it only makes sense that we seek out anything we can to help relieve tension, right down to the colors that surround our everyday lives and fill our homes.

We love Naval for obvious reasons. It’s classic, it’s timeless, not to mention it nearly matches our logo color that we selected a while back! Look at us, being on trend ahead of our time 😉

White on Blue

But seriously, how could you go wrong? Unless you hate blue, of course, but we happen to love it (in case you couldn’t tell!) We’ve said for a while that certain colors can still act as neutrals and Naval is no exception to that. Though it is still a color, it serves as a neutral in the sense that it’s meant to be layered and played around with. It’s no doubt a bold color choice as an accent wall, kitchen cabinetry, etc. but at the same time doesn’t feel too daring. We think it’s workable and easy to incorporate–if you’re feeling inspired to add this years’ color choice (or very similar colors) to your home here are a few more inspiration images of ways to use it for yourself!

We still love this kitchen in the South End that we did a few years back and while the cabinet color isn’t technically Naval, it’s pretty darn close and love the way it looks in this home!

In addition to the color as Sherwin Williams releases as the color of the year, they also release an entire palette that complements and parallels the ideas behind the forecasted color trends. This years’ entire palette is designed to soothe and nurture the mind, body, and spirit. They separate the rest of the palette into five different words or categories and this years’ categories are Alive, Mantra, Play, Haven and Heart. Check out the rest of the palettes below! Haven_Heart_Mantra_Play_Alive_

How do this years color choices resonate with you? How are you thinking about incorporating them into your own home? Love them? Hate them? Let us know!

End of Summer Round-Up

Well, it’s Labor Day weekend which is the unofficial end of summer. They keep seeming to go by faster and faster, don’t they?! While we could have used a few more days basking in the sun on the beach, we are looking forward to cooler temperatures, less humidity & colorful crunchy leaves (and for some of us, pumpkin spice lattes!) But before all that happens, we wanted to reflect on some summer spaces & beach homes, some of our own designs that we’ve been working on over the summer, and some inspiration from others. We’re not ready to let go of it just yet, so here’s a look back at some of our favorites.

Our own work. We love getting the opportunity to design a summer beach home for a client, whether it’s on the North Fork or on the North Shore!


Our Sound Shore Project located in Jamesport, NY is the epitome of a classic beach cottage that we facelifted by painting a fresh, bright white paint throughout and filled with gorgeous new furniture  Not to mention the most beautiful views overlooking the Long Island Sound and stairs to the beach right from the back yard. The perfect place to spend the summer, if you ask us. We haven’t had a chance to have this cutie professionally photographed yet, but here’s a few glimpses of what’s going on in there.


While this was actually this home’s second summer after completion in the Spring of 2018, we still love it endlessly as it serves as the perfect beach/summer retreat for a fun young family. Just steps from the Shelter Island beaches, it’s laid-back, casual vibes have us wishing we could go back here every summer!


We love this home for similar reasons as our Shelter Island project–an adorable beach cottage in Mattituck, NY that we completely gut-renovated and modernized to better fit the family’s style and personality. Complete with stunning views of Peconic Bay, it’s another perfect summer home that’s suitable for sandy feet.


When you think of a home in Marblehead overlooking the ocean, you might immediately assume summer home–and it is! The only kicker for this one is that it’s actually going to serve as the family’s full-time residence, which meant that we had to design with the cold, snowy New England winters in mind as well. We’ve been busy busy working on this home over the course of the summer and are so excited to finally see everything starting to come together. Our goal for this home was to design with the obvious coastal Marblehead vibes in mind, all while keeping it fresh and modern and with the ability to seamlessly transition from season to season. Here’s a few progress shots and some of our design boards for this home.

Others that we love. While we love reflecting back on some of our own work, we also love gathering inspiration from other talented designers and seeing what they’re up to as well. Here’s a few of our favorite spaces with beachy~summery vibes that we’ve pinned, saved, liked, and kept an eye on over the course of the summer.

We hope everyone enjoys the last few days of summer and has a great Labor Day weekend!

Project Reveal: #WatertownStreetProject

If you follow us on our Instagram, you may have already seen a few posts from our #WatertownStreetProject–if not, you’re seeing it here first! We’ve been a just a littttle busy this summer and haven’t had time to add these photos to our website yet but still wanted to share them. This was a fun project for a family who wanted to add some personal flair to their main living & dining space. We took cues from the family’s love for global travel to create a modern yet worldly feel in a space that the whole family can enjoy together. We love the mix of textures and interesting pops of color in here (especially the bold blue statement sofa) and we’re so happy with how everything came out!

*All photo credit to Kyle Caldwell Photography

We’re Going to Brimfield!

We’re so excited to be heading down to Brimfield tomorrow! We’re looking for found objects to add to our inventory for styling accessories, furniture pieces, artwork, textiles, you name it! We love the idea of incorporating old antique pieces into new designs and we can’t wait to see what inspires us when we’re there. Here’s a look into our Pinterest board to get a feel of the vibe of some of the stuff we’re hoping to find and take back with us 🙂

P.S. any tips, tricks, suggestions or pointers you have for us for when we go are gladly accepted! Do you have an antique piece or collection that you love? Let us know, we’d love to hear about it!

Things We Love: Contrasting Painted Trim

When it comes to painting trim, the obvious choice seems to be to go with a simple coordinating white. But, something we’re loving (and would love to do in a project!) is white walls with a bold or contrasting painted trim. Painted trim helps to add a pop of color and visual interest when you don’t want to commit to painting the whole room. Besides, it’s just paint! Easy to switch out if you decide you hate it after all. Here’s a few of our favorite inspiration images for painted trim in all different areas throughout the home.

What’s your take on painted trim? Love it? Hate it? Let us know 🙂