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Shut the Front Door!

Enhance your entrance.

Styling a front door immediately increases curb appeal, creates an inviting and welcoming first impression, and is a great way to express personality and style, all before guests even enter your home!

Five front door elements to consider in order to transform your entrance from blah to beautiful. 

  • Paint color
  • Planters, greenery, and surrounding decor
  • Door knockers
  • House address numbers
  • Welcome mats

Paint Colors: Our top 5 favorites


A classic, traditional (and most popular!) color choice for a front door.


Original photo source here.

Black or Charcoal.

A dark front door makes a chic and sophisticated statement.


Original photo source here


Because who doesn’t love a nice bold, red door?


Original photo source here.

Light Blue.

Adds coastal, beachy vibes or a touch of calmness and tranquility.


Original photo source here.


Another bold choice that calls out to Autumn, but works just as well as a year-round color. Just be sure to add the right decor!


Original photo source here.

Planters and Greenery 

Go big…


                                   Welcome to the jungle 🙂
 Original photo source here.



Original photo source here.

….or go small.

Any touch of greenery helps to make a welcoming entrance, whether it’s big and dramatic or small and subtle.


Nice Knockers! 

They come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Find one that works for you!

What we love: Cute animals are a fun way to add some flair to your front door.



Original photo source here.



Oh, deer!


Address Numbers- What’s Your Number?

We want to be able to see them from the street. Make them clear and easy to read so it’s easier on new guests coming to your home for the first time.


Original photo source here.


Original photo source here.


Welcome home!

Welcome mats are an easy, non-permanent way to set the tone, vibe, or personality of the people living behind the door. They can be done in a variety of ways, including fun and colorful via the use of cute sayings or bright patterns, or classy and sophisticated such as woven naturals and neutrals.

Cute sayings- say hello without even saying a word.


Original photo source here.

Fun and colorful, and made of wood! Adds the same effect of a punch of color for those who may not want to commit to the colored door.


Original photo source here.

A fun pattern; thinking outside of the box.


Original photo source here.

So, maybe color isn’t for you. A natural woven is still a great option!


Original photo source here.

Come up with a great combination of these five elements to dress up your door and instantly add style and curb appeal. Remember to express your personal style and set the tone of  how you want guests to feel when entering your home!